When Singleness Feels like Punishment

At least, you can console yourself with the idea that in a few years things will change. Fast forward a few years, nothing has changed and curiosity/(ovulation) horniness is trying to kill you. You begin to resonate with the words of my favourite contemporary philosopher – Bobrisky.

The One I Choose

The idea that there is only one person out there, made specifically for you, to complete you seems noble enough to perpetuate. At face value, it can be a comforting notion. However, unpacking this concept unearths some villainous side effects – side effects we are all too ready to blissfully ignore. The notion that there is ONLY ONE person out there for you is ridiculous. A girl needs options! I need to have hope that should I fumble the bag – I can still secure another one.

The Thrill of the Chase

There is an unwritten rule, Christian and secular, which states women are never to make the first move. Not only does this mess with the order of things and breaks tradition

I kissed Courtship goodbye

Saints court. Ain’ts date. Dating is one of the cardinal sins, up there with worshiping Baal and spitting in the Communion cup, or is it? I delve into the seemingly miry waters on how to begin a relationship.

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