Dealing with Deferred Hope

it wouldn’t surprise you to know I was a precocious and rambunctious child. I was good at everything and everything was good with me. The fire in my eyes was pure butane and the batteries in my back were Energizer Lithium. I was simply unstoppable.

I Pledge to Nigeria My Country?

Nigerian Patriotism seems to be as prevalent as camels walking through Oshodi market – it’s not impossible but it’s certainly a bewildering and somewhat amusing sight…

When Singleness Feels like Punishment

At least, you can console yourself with the idea that in a few years things will change. Fast forward a few years, nothing has changed and curiosity/(ovulation) horniness is trying to kill you. You begin to resonate with the words of my favourite contemporary philosopher – Bobrisky.

The Most Terrifying Verse in the Bible

The key ingredient to being an authentic Lagosian is the ability to “change it” for a person. This means: to lambaste a person, often after undue provocation. This is because Lagos, the Centre of Stresselence (stress and excellence), is full of patience-testers, arrogant frustraters,

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