I hope my words encourage you to allow Christianity permeate every facet of your life and to experience Christ deeply. If you have any topics you’d like me to write about, do let me know. I welcome suggestions! Thank you!

Dealing with Deferred Hope

it wouldn’t surprise you to know I was a precocious and rambunctious child. I was good at everything and everything was good with me. The fire in my eyes was pure butane and the batteries in my back were Energizer Lithium. I was simply unstoppable.

I Pledge to Nigeria My Country?

Nigerian Patriotism seems to be as prevalent as camels walking through Oshodi market – it’s not impossible but it’s certainly a bewildering and somewhat amusing sight…

How To Make Friends in Your 20s & 30s

At its core, friendships give us a sense of belonging. That’s why they’re so important. It is also probably why we instinctively start building friendships from a young age.

When Singleness Feels like Punishment

At least, you can console yourself with the idea that in a few years things will change. Fast forward a few years, nothing has changed and curiosity/(ovulation) horniness is trying to kill you. You begin to resonate with the words of my favourite contemporary philosopher – Bobrisky.


Starting in 2017 as a single hashtag but culminating into mass global demonstrations in October 2020; the world saw young Nigerians take to the streets, en masse, in protest. The beauty of the #EndSARS social movement / protest (and arguably its Achilles heel) was

The Most Terrifying Verse in the Bible

The key ingredient to being an authentic Lagosian is the ability to “change it” for a person. This means: to lambaste a person, often after undue provocation. This is because Lagos, the Centre of Stresselence (stress and excellence), is full of patience-testers, arrogant frustraters,

The Silhouette Challenge

Human bodies are simply divine. I think women’s bodies are particularly exquisite – the curves, the stretch marks, the dips…

Why You Should Wait After Service

Although we desire companionship, we are often fearful of the vulnerability and accountability that comes with close fellowship. So, we only engage on the surface or on our own terms. Inadvertently, we miss…

Why Should I Be Thankful in a Pandemic?

I think Christians and Nigerians don’t know how to (allow people) grieve or celebrate (well). Double wahala for who be Nigerian Christian. Our testimonies are often of the “I better pass my neighbour” variety. As if these good things lose value without comparison. For the more dignified, the flippant and insincere “Na God o” / […]

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