Why Should I Be Thankful in a Pandemic?

I think Christians and Nigerians don’t know how to (allow people) grieve or celebrate (well). Double wahala for who be Nigerian Christian. Our testimonies are often of the “I better pass my neighbour” variety. As if these good things lose value without comparison. For the more dignified, the flippant and insincere “Na God o” / […]

Help My Unbelief

We encounter philosophies that challenge our faith and we don’t explore further. Not because we are convinced of the Christian stance but because there is this insidious fear that if we delve deeper…

Is Validation Vanity

Almost like acknowledgement of the realities of the physical is synonymous with renouncing the faith. It’s not. If human beings were a venn diagram, we’d be the …

New Year. New Me?

New Year’s resolutions – the sooner you make them, the sooner you break them or another chance for us to get it right?

How to Dream Big: The Gospel and Ambition

In a bid to not be deemed ‘prosperity gospel’ advocates; the topic of ambition is often met with intense apprehension or explained away as a fruitless exercise in vanity. The two-pronged antidote to this gangrene creeping furtively in the lives of the saints is…

God and Mondays

Mondays, depending on who you are, either fills you with dread or joy – one thing is sure – the work week has begun and you must follow suit! This means getting your mind in gear in anticipation of the weekly rat race.

The Road Less Travelled By: On Humility

In Las Gidi, raising shoulder* is fast becoming the city’s favourite pastime; it’s up there with spontaneous traffic jams and asking ‘How was your night?’. The only time a Lagosian will drop their shoulder is to engage in conflict; any true Lagosian worth their salt, never backs down from conflict…

The Ultimate Plan

To fail to plan is to plan to fail. But what happens when you have planned but things still fail spectacularly?

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